Why Turbo Wash IT Steam Disinfection/Cleaning Services

We provide premium steam disinfecting/clean and janitorial services with the latest steam technology and the most innovative product in the market.

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Steam Disinfection/Cleaning for All Businesses

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Why us?

Welcome to Turbowashit.com

At Turbowashit we aim to provide superior quality, speedy performance, and unrivaled customer service catered to fit any lifestyle. We offer full top to bottom steam disinfecting/cleaning that is 100% effective in killing bacteria and virus ( E-coli, ebola, Covid-19 and more) on any surface. We are focusing on disinfecting with steam technology for private and public sector organization Office lobbies banks, hotels, schools, hospitals/clinics, automobile interiors, fast food customer area/industrial kitchens and more.

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Why Steam Clean?

Steam is known for its cleaning power as well as its ability to kill off harmful bacteria/virus. As the steam is released along any surface applied on (fabric,stainless steel, concrete, PVC etc), you will see it transform before your eyes! Getting rid of dirt, grime, stains, odors, and more with one extremely efficient cleaning method. No rubbing, no scrubbing, and no harmful chemicals. Just steam power all the way!

The Steamer saves you valuable time and unnecessary stress by providing you all the solutions to your deep cleaning, stain-removing, sanitizing, and versatile disinfection you need in these pandemic era. Be proactive and ensure your environment is disinfected by steam which is proven to be 100% efficient. Highlight the middle video as scientific proof of effectiveness of steam technology.

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Services & Products

Business Steam Disinfecting Services

Disinfect and sterilize your offices and environment from bacteria/Virus.100% efficient

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Vehicle Steam Disinfection

Interior Disinfection Servicing

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Vehicle Engine Steam Clean

Dry Steam Engine Cleaning

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Direct Sales of Steam Equipment

Direct Sales of Different Steam Equipment

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