Eco-Friendly Steam Wash

  • How is the Optima Steamer different from other steam cleaning machines?

    • The Optima Steamer is designed with environment and user safety in mind. After many years of trial, we have come to the current Optima Steamer model.
    • The Optima has the optimal operating preset steam pressure and temperature values based on our research. It also has multi-stage safety features to ensure that the Optima Steamer does not go out of control under any unexpected situation.
    • Moreover, TurbowashIT takes “being green” seriously. We are always looking for a way to “greenize” everything about using the Optima Steamer. We continue to research and develop products and accessories to fulfill our clients’ needs worldwide
  • Is the Optima Steamer certified by any international standards (CE, UL, etc.)?

    • Yes, the Optima Steamer is currently CE (Conformité Européenne: European standard) certified (for Low-Voltage Directive and Electromagnetic Compatibility) by TÜV ( Technical Inspect Association of Germany), Gost (State Standard of Russia) certified, cTUVus (Canada & U.S.) certified by NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories). cTUVus denotes compliance to U.S. and Canadian National Standards.
    • The Optima Steamer is the only steam cleaning machine of the same industry in the world that holds all CE, Gost, cTUVus certifications.
    • SJE Corporation is an ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization for quality management systems) certified manufacturer.
  • What kind of water is recommended to use with Optima?

    • We recommend water that does not contain much of sodium, iron, calcium and other minerals.
    • For most countries, tap water is sufficient. But if you know that tab water or subterranean water in your area has high mineral content, you should take special cautions.
    • Using water which contains minerals, requires frequent cleaning and scale removal.
    • To prevent sever scale problems, we recommend users to add the provided water treatment to the water tank. The water treatment we supply is a water conditioner/softener liquid that helps prevent hardened scale inside the boiler vessel.
    • Using water above 5°C (40°F) is recommended.
  • How much water is consumed to wash a car?

    • It takes about 2~5 liters (0.5~1.3 gallon) of water depending on the user’s skill level and how big and dirty the car is. Also, the climate of the car wash site affects the water consumption rate. For example, a user in a very dry and hot climate should expect to consume more water because more water content of the steam is evaporated into the atmosphere before being in contact with the car surface.
    • Is steam wash as effective as using water when cleaning a very dirty car?
    • The Optima Steamer effectively washes various surfaces using steam with high temperature (operational steam temperature : below 100°C / 212°F) and relatively low yet powerful enough amount of steam pressure. The heat of the steam helps break down dirt and mud on car surface very quickly and efficiently. Also, all Optima models are equipped with a moisture control valve that can add more moisture to the steam for a faster car wash. If you open up the moisture control valve, the Optima Steamer can spray up to 1200 cc/min per spray gun. This helps washing very muddy cars more quickly, but more water will be consumed.
  • Do I need a wastewater facility or any special permits to use these machines?

    • Every country and every municipality has different regulations.
    • The best way is to check with your local government.
    • For most cases, however, a car wash operation using Optima Steamers does not require any water reclaim or wastewater filtration system. This will save you much money and time when setting up your own business in the beginning.
      In addition, the Optima Steamer can be used for mobile car wash or cleaning businesses.
  • Are these systems of steam cleaning and wash being used on a commercial basis?

    • Yes they are. Many of the systems are being used in car wash and detailing businesses, the food service industry,
      hospitality industry, and government institutions including military, schools and universities.
    • The use of steam cleaning system improves indoor air quality, reduces the physical effort involved with cleaning and provides a more thorough approach to cleaning. Because the use of chemicals is reduced and because water does not involve the regulatory requirements that many cleaning chemicals require, the system requires less management time and reduces paperwork.
  • Why haven’t I heard more about steam cleaning or steam car wash?

    • If you reside in North America, the answer is very simple. In terms of domestic steam appliance, while having been available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East for many years, is just now being introduced into the North American market.
    • Because the electrical power supply in North America is different from the electrical system elsewhere in the world, the products had to be re-engineered for use in North America or countries with 115-120 Voltage. The late arrival of steam cleaning concept in North America naturally prevented North American residents from having exposures to various commercial and industrial use of steam cleaning such as car wash, sanitation, weed control and more

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