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Technical details

Steel steam cleaner with continuos flow – 10 bar, vacuum function (water filter), detergent, hot water injection.

Colour: steel grey
Steam production: continuous flow with automatic filling system
Boiler Steam temperature: 180°C
Heating time: 4 min
Pressure (bar): 10
Boiler Power Consumption (W): 3200
Boiler volume (l): 2
Steam EV1 (gr/min): 73 gr/min
Steam EV2 (gr/min): 84 gr/min
Steam EV1+EV2 (gr/min): 100 gr/min
Detergent injection quantity: 10 cc/min
Boiler material: Stainless steel AISI 304
Steam regulation on steam hose: activation on the pistol grip-with indication in digital display on frontal panel
Vac Motor suction power (Kpa): 21,5
Vac Motor Power Consumption (W): 1200
Total Power Consumption (W): 3400
Voltage: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Tank capacity (l): 5 brochure
Waste tank capacity (l) : 6,5
Water level alarm: visual and acoustic
Pressure indicator: visual
Detergent Tank capacity (l): 5 L
Detergent tank – level alarm: visual and acoustic
Hot Water Injection + Steam (gr/min): 364 gr/min.
Water pump power: 48W 220-240V AC/50Hz
Low tension voltage on handgrip: 9 V DC
Power cable: 7 m
Net weight (only machine) (kg): 35
Dimensions (LxWXH): 440x465x705 mm
Certification Reached: CE