Why TurboWashIT Franchisee or Sub Distributor ?

Turbowashit is a Sole distributor of SJE optima steamer and Steam Italy equipment in Nigeria. We launched the innocrave-turbowashit brand as a servicing brand promoting the application of steam technology since its a new technology in Nigeria and West Africa.

Turbowashit provides:

  1. Sales of the Optima steamer – Direct sales, Sub Distributor, Franchising, Franchising + Sub Distributor
  2. Sales of Steam Italy products Inox6000 , Inox 7000, Inox 8000 and more
  3. Servicing brand – Low budget to start operations car cleaning such as :
  • E-Turbo – Exterior Service Cleaning
  • I – Turbo – Interior Service Cleaning
  • Engine -Turbo – Engine Turbo Service Cleaning

Other Services Includes:

  • Cleaning/Sterilization Services
  • Real Estate
  • Hotel Lobby & Rooms
  • Hospital
  • Industrial Kitchens
  • Transit Vechicle
  • Aeroplane
  • Boat/Ships
  • Food processing plants
  • Fast food guest areas
  • Generator Plants
  • And More

What we offer:

A Global Brand
Turbowashit is a recognizable hand car wash brand in Nigeria. Turbowashit brings with it brand recognition, and operates in an industry which experiences a steady and reliable flow of customers.

Franchise Support
Franchisees can rely on the support of the wider Turbowashit team. Plus, you’ll distinguish yourself from competitors with our brand and assistance from our marketing team.

Business Model
The Turbowashit hand car wash business model is supported by the wider  team which assists franchisees in providing facilities to support their investments.

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Do You Have What It Takes?

Turbowashit wants to build a franchisee dream team. We are seeking like minded people who want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves. If you have a goal to run your own cash business, to build a substantial income and are willing to learn customer service techniques to assist you make your mark then we want to talk to you.

Passionate, enthusiastic, full of energy, determined and a real winner. Keen to run and build a successful business – one that is profitable, sustainable and based on solid training, support and management. Have a vision to extract full potential from your store including the passion and discipline to deliver it. For our brand to continue to be successful, it is essential that our franchisees are passionate about sharing our success.

We are looking for people who will be passionate about their store as we are about building and improving our business.

Steps to Becoming a Turbowashit Franchisee/Distributor

  • STEP 1-Submit an enquiry via the Online Enquiry form
  • STEP 2-Read the Turbowashit Overview (This will be sent to you following your enquiry).
  • STEP 3-Sign the Turbowashit document and confidentiality Agreement
  • STEP 4-Meet with a Turbowashit Franchise/Distributor Manager to discuss your application.
  • STEP 5-Meet the owner to discuss your goals and what you can do with Turbowashit and what area you are interested in.
  • STEP 6-Once your application is approved you will guided by us into the next step and be provided with a full set of Franchise / Distributor Disclosure Documents for your review.
  • STEP 7-Sign your Franchise/Distributor Agreement
  • STEP 8-Commence your site selection process, grand opening, comprehensive training program and start making money.

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